There have always been numerous accounts of paranormal activity around the world, where people often experience something unusual in a place that seems haunted. Bridges often come up in these discussions, which is why we decided to compile a list of the spookiest bridges around the world.

1 spooky haunted bridges

Hell’s Bridge, Michigan – Located in the middle of the woods off Friske Drive, this footbridge has quite a story behind it. Namely, during the 1800s, several children went missing in the woods, so the grownups went looking for them. They left all the other kids with a kind old man named Elias Friske, who was supposed to look after them. Instead, he murdered the children and dumped their bodies into the water. It was later found out that the children that went missing suffered the same fate. Elies said that the devil possessed him and made him do this. He was later hung from the same bridge.