Take your date night to a whole new level and or spice up your love life by doing something new and fun.

Rather than the same old dinner date and movie combo or Netflix and chilling, take your date way beyond what they have done before. With so much happening in and around Sydney, the choice can be overwhelming but choosing a fun out-of-the box date idea will make it a date to remember.


1.    Sparadise Japanese Bath House – A Gem of a Find!


This date will turn heads! This enchanting corner of earth is found in the middle of the countryside, near Lithgow in the Blue Mountains. At Sparadise the fresh crisp air, clear blue lakes and the spectacular green mountains await you. Set in beautiful Japanese gardens this distinctive paradise is unique!

In this Japanese Hot Spa paradise, healthy living is given centre of attention. You can relax, detox yourself, sample herbal teas and taste the Japanese vegetarian style of cooking.

With a total of 5 pools, you will also find, brand new tea rooms, a massage room, a rest room, private beauty treatment rooms, private cave baths, a Japanese Zen Garden and accommodation. Only $70 per person for day entry, with tea rooms and massage extras, your date will think you have spent $100’s on them!

In the pools they use mineral water which is located 300 meters underneath the property. The temperature of the water is controlled, to stay constant. The mineral water contains calcium and iron so is a brilliant detox for the body.

Only a 2 hour drive out of Sydney, it is a wonderful place to spend a Sunday afternoon or even better you can happily spend the weekend together there!



2.    Pop Up Igloos – Drink Bubbles together in a winter wonderland!


Pier One on Sydney Harbour has specialist domes which are not the icy kind but are see through bubbles! These are available between May and August.

Need an excuse to cuddle up close with your date but are not willing to brave the cold then these cosy themed igloos are for you. No need to worry about the igloos being made of snow and ice as they are transparent dome shaped structures which sit pretty on the waterfront.

There is even a “snow globe” which floats on the Harbour and is decked in white and has gusts of powder from the snow machine, for the first 5 minutes so you can capture you Instagram-worthy shots!

The Winter Luxe Igloo allows you to eat and drink whilst enjoying the view, in a cozy winter surrounding. In the Hot Tub Igloo, you can drink and eat in chic yet cozy winter surroundings. You get fluffy bathrobes, towels and a changing room, spectacular water views and access to Pier One’s Fitness Centre to change and dry off.

The Dream Igloo includes a stay over in one of Pier One’s Harbour View Balcony suites, which has an Igloo on the balcony under the stars. In the Gantry Dining Igloo, you can enjoy a dinner cooked at the on-site restaurant. The Breakfast Igloo is on offer if your date is more of an early person, with a Mimosa on arrival a selection of hot or cold breakfasts and barista made coffee. The experience is not for people who do not want to spend some serious money. Each Igloo has a minimum spend on food and drinks so you may as well go all out!



3.    Seaplane Private flight and dining at Jonahs – the ultimate date!



Depart Lyne Park, Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour, with flights being daily all year round. Options: Return by plane after a 3 course a la carte meal or stay there until dark and have a private taxi back.

Prices start from $505 each person.

Romantic, exciting, thrilling, wild and fun this is a celebrity experience!

En route you will fly over the mind-blowing view of Sydney Harbour with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Then follow the coastline over headlands, beaches and the spectacular ocean. If you get a clear day you will get a great view of the boats, cruise ships and even whales, if it is between May- September. Jonahs is situated near Palm beach at the tip of the northern beaches. Then once you arrive at Jonahs enjoy the stunning view of Whale Beach and the Pacific Ocean.


As one of Australia’s most exclusive ocean retreats, the Relais & Chateaux listed boutique hotel, has a multi award winning hatted restaurant. As guests arrive, they are greeted with champagne and an antipasto plate. Each table has a view and a menu that changes regularly. The food is beautifully presented with wonderful flavours of culinary delights. The gourmet 3-course lunch with a Southern European flair, is served with the highest standard of service. The wine and drinks menu are just what one would expect from such an elegant and top-class restaurant.

After lunch you can go to a large outdoor verandah which sits high up on the edge of a cliff. There are options to retrace your path to return on the sea plane whilst still light, or linger longer and be driven home in a chauffeur driven car transfer back to the city. Whatever the choice you will feel totally spoilt!



4. House-boating on the Hawkesbury –enjoy the river and what nature has to offer!


Imagine a beautiful day floating down the Hawkesbury River with your date, in the privacy of a Houseboat! You can bring your own picnic too or stop off at one of the many restaurants.

There is something relaxing about being on the water. Also, on offer is the sheer beauty of the constantly changing waterside landscape, sandstone cliff faces, bushland and birdlife.

With a riverside lifestyle for the day you can either hire a boat for the day or stay overnight. You do not need a boat licence, all you need is an unrestricted car licence. The kind of houseboat you hire will depend on your personal tastes. Some boats are equipped with fluffy quilts, Gas BBQ, ice-chests or dry ice eskies, CD sound systems, DVD players and more. You can just relax with a beer in your hand and watch as you float past other boats, kayakers and swimmers. Alternatively, you could do a spot of fishing if you are both keen.

Staying overnight in a boat can be cheaper than a motel, all you need to do is arrive with your food, towels and fishing gear if needed. You will be given a comprehensive briefing on the houseboat before you take off on the water.

Best places to hire a houseboat are:








5. Rock Climbing and Bouldering indoors – Show off your partners adventurous side!


The most basic part of any relationship is working together, and a rock-climbing date does just that. It is a good way of bringing in some friendly competition whilst having a bit of a laugh. Whether you are into fitness or just looking to have some fun rock climbing, this will certainly take you to new heights together!

Lots of fun easy climbs to explore or challenge your date with different degrees of difficulty. It is easy to find lots of places to scale walls inside in Sydney without the risk of changeable weather outdoors.

From traditional rock climbing or bouldering, you can build strength together without equipment or much training. You can just put on a pair of shoes and make a day of sporty indoor activities, building strength and confidence on the way. 9 Degrees in Sydney’s inner- west is a purpose made bouldering gym with thick padded flooring and different climbs with 9 degrees of difficulty.


Another great venue which gives you both a challenge is rock climbing at Climb Fit in St Leonards, Sydney’s largest Rock Climbing centre. Here you will encounter over 160 different climbs including steep overhangs, the chimney, a giant log ladder and a never-ending lead wall. There is also an exclusive bouldering area with over 90 problems to have a crack at!


Another venue to put your relationship to the test is at St Peters in Sydney. Here you will find 3,700 square metres of climbing walls, 50-degree overhangs and 25 metre routes for the fearless. If either of you dare to climb without ropes, there is a 4.5-metre-high bouldering wall as well to ensure you have a rocking time!



6.    Dinner on the Ferris Wheel at Luna Park – be a kid again and release some adrenaline!



Think outside the box and eat on the Ferris Wheel at Luna Park. The experience could well release your dates playful side of being a kid again. You can have high tea or dinner depending on which month you go. Dining on the Ferris Wheel whilst looking at the ultimate Sydney views of the Harbour, will bring a guaranteed smile to both your faces.

You will be escorted to a private Ferris Wheel carriage fitted with a table and linen as well as restaurant style place settings. The Ferris Wheel will go at a comfortable speed for you to relax enjoy your drinks and eat. Then you are invited back to the Deck Bar to continue drinking.

Whilst you are there you can be a kid again. Raise the adrenaline with a thrilling ride or two in Luna Park and release your squeals and giggles which will make you feel like a kid again!

Dinner on the Ferris wheel only takes place on Sundays between October and March. Otherwise it is high tea on Saturdays between May and September.



7.    Indoor Skydiving – experience the same thrill of free falling!



If your date likes adventurous activities, they will like this one! Skydiving is not just a thrill ride but the latest thing in action sports.

Score 10/10 for taking your date to an indoor skydiving experience and a thrilling memorable idea in Sydney. It is not exactly throwing your date out of a plane as you the actual sky diving is not exactly high!

If your date is not quite ready for conquering the sky, then the range of indoor skydiving activities is perfect! You can learn all the tricks of skydiving and experience the feeling of free falling from 14,000ft inside the wind tunnel before attempting a real fall. Downunder is a state-of-the-art facility and a full safety briefing from iFLY skilled instructors as well as many virtual reality experiences are available at the facility.

A wind generator will lift you effortlessly into flight on a cushion of air inside a giant glass tube equivalent to a freefall skydive from 4km above the Earth.


Once you have experienced it, you never know, you may go back and progress to a skydiving course and have your first OUTDOOR skydive with an instructor.

The iFLY introductory package is for 1.5 hours and includes two flights with a one-to-one instructor, a fully explained pre-flight briefing and all the gear.



8.  Boozy Art Class – sip and paint with your date!



Your date does not necessarily have to have a creative talent, all they need to be able to do is sip and paint!  It could even be the first time painting since you gave up art at school and the experience beats painting a bowl of fruit! Aspiring Picassos can get involved with a glass or bottle at your side to give you the fun date you are looking for.

Swirling your paintbrush around a canvas on an easel, with an artist to support you through the creative process, will result in a memoir you can take home from your date together.

Drinks are BYO at Cork and Chroma in Surry Hills for your ‘sip and paint’ class with everything else taken care of including wine glasses and acrylic paint as well as an apron to protect your clothes.


You can find your liquid courage and paint, all the while jamming along with the music in the background. If you are brave, you can go along to different event times, such as ArtJam, where you can paint freestyle to live music!


Just imagine putting the painting up in your sitting room and smugly telling your friends that you did this with your date at your side!



9. Horse Riding – get out of the city on a horse!



Glenworth Valley is the ideal location for a horse-riding experience with your date. The lost world of Glenworth can be appreciated by riding at an adventurous fast, or safe slow pace, depending on your riding confidence. In spectacular surroundings you have options to stop for a picnic, or add to the horse riding, by going abseiling, quad biking or kayaking.


Only one hour’s drive north of Sydney, you will experience rides, guided or free-range, in the wilderness. With more than 200 horses and over 3,000 hectares you will explore the pretty valleys, discover rock pools, go along riverbanks and lush green fern filled rainforest as well as eucalypts forests. Rides are varied and range from beginners, trail rides and multi-day treks, to the more experienced horse rider. Friendly staff will select a horse to suit your riding ability and a professional rider will accompany you on a ride. All riders are given instruction on control and management of the horse before they leave the yard. Experienced riders can set off around the valley’s trails themselves and explore the valley at their own pace.



10.    Hire Bikes out in Centennial Park – go tandem!



On a Sunny day, of which there are many in Australia, hire a bike! Centennial Park is a romantic lush green space with lots of wildlife to watch and even more picnic spots. The paths are flat, so it is not at all strenuous and you can wear whatever you want.

There are lots of bikes to choose from depending on how you feel. For a good laugh you can hire a tandem bike or even a pedal car for a real kick. Bike hire is open seven days a week so you can go anytime.

If you don’t pack a picnic you can stop at some gorgeous restaurants, cafes and kiosks. Wood forests, lakes and a mini maze are just some of the sights waiting for you to explore.

Having a good laugh for a few hours as you ride round dedicated cycleways, will be a fun way to get to know your date, rather than having a casual stroll outdoors.