Skiing is a popular sport, and also a fun activity enjoyed by millions around the world. Every winter, ski resorts are packed full with visitors looking to spend some time skiing and enjoying the snow-covered nature that can be seen in and around these places. Some ski resorts are amazing, some not so much, but you are definitely going to have some fun. If you are wondering what some of the best ski resorts around the globe look like, you’re in the right place. Here are 15 most amazing ski resorts in the world.

1 amazing ski resorts

St. François Longchamp, France – Located between the Mont Blanc and the Glacier de l’Étendard, St. François Longchamp offers some of the best views you can find. It sits at the altitude of 1,650 meters, and is the choice of thousands of skiers from around the world who come and visit every year. You are looking at 85 slopes that span over 160 km, as well as 45 ski lifts. The resort itself is equipped with all kinds of facilities, including shopping malls and wellness centers. Truly an amazing complex that is definitely worth visiting.